Food Pantry

Contact: Mary Margaret Richards

Members of St. Matthew's, aided by local Episcopal churches, set up a market for those in the community who need food. The Food Pantry feeds 80 families every week of the year. Help is always welcome.

We believe that every person has a fundamental right to good, nutritious food. Our actions arise out of our commitment to the Gospel imperative: “You give them something to eat.” We strive to serve every family that comes to us for help.

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Quito, Equador, Mission Trips

Contact: Fergie Horvath

When was the last time that you took a journey in search of spiritual significance? There is an opportunity to discern the possibility of an adult pilgrimage and mission trip to Ecuador occurring this summer from July 27th-August 2nd (Approx.) This experience will be an opportunity for adults, age 18 and over, to step out and take the time to work on their faith and prayer life while participating in service.  

The cost is expected to be around $2300. There will be a meeting to gauge interest in May.

Please contact Deacon Fergie if you are interested in this opportunity.

Saint Matthew's has sent folks to Quito since 2009 and those of us who have gone can attest to the lifelong impact of working alongside the people of Ecuador.

VIA Free Medical Clinic

Contact: Don Davis

St. Matthew's members who are doctors and nurses partner with VIA College of Medicine to provide a clinic offering a range of medical services and referrals. 

Since 2010 Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System’s (SRHS) partnership with the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) has enriched not only the students but the Upstate community as well. VCOM’s Carolina campus graduated their first class in 2015 with 151 students.

The first medical school in the Upstate of South Carolina, the VCOM – Carolinas Campus was completed in 2011 at the former Spartan Mill site. VCOM was a starting point for the ongoing revitalization of Spartanburg’s north side and has been a fixture in the community ever since.

Safe Homes/Rape Crisis

Contact: Elise Reed

Members of St. Matthew's contribute money or individual gift items for women and children who are in distress over holidays. This ministry provides toys, snugglies, toiletries, and any gift that says, "You are a valued child of God," to those who cannot live safely in their homes. 

SafeHome's mission is to use our collective voice to address the impact of domestic and sexual violence by providing quality services to those affected and to create social change through education, training, and activism.

Back-to-School Supplies for Cleveland Elementary School

Contact: Louise Wickersheim

Not all children in Spartanburg County begin the academic year with new school clothes and a lunchbox. Some of the neediest are at Cleveland Elementary School. The staff there is proud of the recent improvements in student achievement, and the people of St. Matthew's are happy to encourage them by providing school supplies for each child. Funds and supplies are collected in early summer and distributed in July.