What To Expect

Come as you are. At Saint Matthew's, people dress according to their own comfort level. Most men wear golf shirts and khakis, most women wear tops and pants. You may see people in suits, dresses, and heels, or jeans, shorts and tee shirts. It's not about the clothes we wear, but about clothing ourselves in the character of Christ and fulfilling His mission in the world.

The greeter at the front door will direct you to the nursery or sanctuary, as needed. Elementary-age students attend the service with their parents, following along with activity books. Preschoolers and infants enter the service for a communion blessing. The nursery attendant will explain.

An usher will give you a service sheet before you go into the sanctuary. Everything you need to know for the service is printed there. If you are new to the Episcopal Church, ask the person seated beside you to guide you.

The service is traditional Episcopalian. We hope you feel warmth and comfort in the sacrament. It lasts a little more than an hour. The first half of the service consists of readings, prayers and the sermon. The second half of the service consists of Holy Communion. All baptized Christians are welcome to receive communion. Everyone is welcome to come forward for a blessing, or you can simply remain in your seat.

Come back again and learn about what we believe and how we are attempting to live. You can be as involved, or uninvolved, as you wish. Speak to the priest on your way out. He has a gift for you.