Crucifers & Torchbearers

Contact:  Debbie Richardson

Crucifers and torchbearers are children, teens, and adults who participate with the Sunday worship team. Crucifers carry the Processional Cross and assist the Priest prepare communion. Torchbearers carry the candles.

Altar Guild

Contact: Kathy Amick

Members of the Altar Guild enhance worship by adorning the altar with the sacred vessels and linens. The Flower Guild, a separate commission of the Altar Guild, adorns the altar with flowers for all services. 

Eucharistic Ministers / Lectors

Contact: Debbie Richardson

Lay people who serve our parish by assisting with the administration of Holy Communion and in the leading of the Wednesday evening Healing Eucharist.  Training and licensing are required.

Choir and Instrumentalists

Contact:  Donna Simpson

Musicians complement our worship through vocal and instrumental offerings.


Contact: Grace Keller

Greeters welcome guests and members to every service. They look for opportunities to get to know guests, help them to understand the service, and invite them to explore their interests.


Contact: David Pretulak

Ushers assist the priests in a variety of ways to maintain a smooth flow for the Sunday services and to provide for the needs of parishioners and visitors.