Brotherhood of Saint Matthew

The Brotherhood of St. Matthew is a group of men dedicated to sharing the Good News of God in Jesus Christ, deepening our own faith, and serving our community. The men of the Brotherhood covenant to:

  • Pray for one another and the needs of our parish every day
  • To discern our individual calls to ministry with the hope that every man has a ministry
  • To engage in a corporate program of study about our shared faith
  • Attend all meetings of the Order unless prevented by significant cause
  • Undertake at least one outreach and one in-reach ministry per year

A Gathering of Men, Faith, and Fellowship: An Open Invitation

This is an open invitation to every man in our community to join us, as well as our dedicated Brotherhood members. This is an opportunity to connect with brothers in faith, gain spiritual insights, and reaffirm our commitment to serving our community. We discuss business matters, share fellowship, and consider spiritual matters together.

Mark your calendars and join us for enriching evenings of fellowship and spiritual growth. We are excited to welcome new members - contact Scott Garber for more information:

Plan for the next meeting:

The Second Tuesday of Every Month, at 6:30pm

Library Conference Room

Here are some examples of the ways we work together for the benefit of our parish and our community: 

  • Shrove Tuesday fundraiser.
  • Annual Golf fundraiser.
  • Campus cleanup after tornados.
  • Graduating Seniors Crosses.
  • Landscape project for the Church Grounds.
  • Set up and take down tables and chairs for activities in the gym.
  • Provide meals for our Episcopal Youth Communnity (EYC).
  • Purchased tables and chairs for church events.
  • Helped fund a more visible street sign.
  • Provided safety and mobility aids for widows and the elderly.
  • Provide fuel to keep Ukrainian children warm.

The Prayer of the Brotherhood of St. Matthew

Almighty God, have mercy upon us, your humble servants. Accept our thanks and praise for all that You have done for us. We pray that Your will shall be done in all things.

We pray that You will guide us and make us worthy of You. Protect us with the armor of Your righteousness, give us the sword of Your truth, and teach us to be warriors of prayer.

Help us to be beacons unto those who are in distress. Open up our eyes that we may see our obligation to the widow, to the orphan, to the sick, to the poor, and to all of those who are left to stand alone.

Help us to serve You, our church, and the world in your name all the days of our lives. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray.