Nursery, Children & Youth

Christian Formation begins in the cradle. Parents volunteer their time, and alternate weeks shepherding our littlest ones. The nursery is open Sunday mornings, and for all weekday/night services. For updated COVID safety measures, please see our Nursery Standards and Practices '21-'22.

CHILDREN (Ages 4-10)
At this age, children learn best by doing. We explore the great stories of the Bible through Godly Play, a Montessori-based program. We learn through storytelling, and respond through music and artistic creations. Each Sunday we are discovering how our awesome God wants to use our talents. 

TWEENS (Ages 10-13) 

Club 567 (Grades 5th-7th) is full of enthusiasm for God's word and for all of life. We are actively engaged in learning and serving. Bible study is our top priority.

YOUTH (Ages 13-18 +)
We want to know what is real and true. Who can be trusted?
In EYC, we'll examine our creed and our call. Together, our community of youth will serve those in need. We don't have all the answers, but we can give help and hope. We all learn in different ways, and we'll learn about our own purpose through sports, journaling, art, music and drama.